Mongolia provides US with $1 million as humanitarian aid

Mongolia provides US with $1 million as humanitarian aid

On June 21, Montsame reports, Montsame Ambassador of Mongolia to the United States Yondon Otgonbayar officially handed over 60,000 Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) worth USD 1 million to Mr Mike O’Hare, Regional Administrator of FEMA Region 10.

Mongolia helps the US

The PPEs are the donation of the Mongolian people and government to the United States people and government, which is delivered as part of the humanitarian act “Far Is No Distance For Friends.” The hand-over function was attended by officials from FEMA, Port of Seattle as well as the Mongolian embassy in Washington DC and the Mongolian Consulate-General in San Francisco.

During the hand-over event, Ambassador Otgonbayar stressed that the United States people and government were helping Mongolia. During the difficult times of transition and natural disasters. He then emphasized that today Mongolia’s people and government are donating these PPEs as a show of solidarity to help the people and the United States government fight coronavirus. Ambassador shared his belief that the coronavirus pandemic would have a defeat by the American people and wished good luck.

The PPEs will be going to the Arizona and Nevada states through FEMA.

South Carolina, North Carolina, Alaska, Florida, Mississippi, and Arkansas also reported all broken records of new cases in one day. Alabama has seen a 92 percent increase in its seven-day average of new cases. And more than a quarter of the total Covid-19 cases reported in Arizona over the last week. Currently, twenty-one states have seen their average daily cases rise.

As these states have loosened lockdowns and people have come back in close contact. The virus is rapidly spreading again and ICUs in hospitals are filling in. And public health authorities say that health care professionals and key staff remain at high risk of infection for the same. Because they have since March: vital resources are missing like personal protective equipment ( PPE).

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