Meghan Markle Biography Allegations Are ‘Nonsense’

Meghan Markle Biography Allegations Are 'Dumb Re-Hashed Nonsense'

A recent opinion saying that Meghan Markle biography “can be complicated” is “stupid garbage re-hashed by tabloid gossip,” Newsweek knew from a friend.

Royals at War claims that Sussex’s duchess has “very high standards” of working in Hollywood, resurrecting old stories that saw her in the UK nicknamed “Duchess Difficult.” Click.

Authors Dylan Howard and Andy Tillett cite vacancy rates among their employees and say that after Meghan missed safety advice on going into crowds, a public protection officer is leaving her job.

The writers cite an anonymous source who said: “Meghan can be challenging. She has very high expectations and is accustomed to living in a setting in Hollywood.

A source close to the couple, however, told Newsweek Howard and Tillett have repeated past slurs.

Meghan Markle Biography

The book claims that Meghan’s decisions to support various patronages also were “too fast, without proper investigation.”

Published by Skyhorse, the hardback costing $22,49 is out today in the US.

Publicity defines it as an “explosive exposé,” and says that it also attempts to address the questions. “Has Meghan’s public and media scrutiny gone too far? And how true are bigotry accusations?”

Howard told MailOnline that Meghan and Harry‘s decision to leave the royal family got an effect by a change in September. To use Meghan ‘s previous PR advisors when she became a princess.

Now the pair are available in America by Sunshine Sachs, a leading brand marketing company.

This describes their royal wedding as a “joyful occasion,” and adds: “Theirs was a tale that Hollywood screenwriters. Where Meghan had made her reputation – could hardly have dreamed.”

Yet it notes that the “rom-com dream” has also become a “disturbing drama”

The promotional material adds that the author “will not pull punches when he shares the extraordinary and inspiring story of this self-made, smart American woman with a deep social consciousness. She has also had such an influence on our culture.”

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