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Massive forest fire near Sydney could last for weeks

Australian bushfires reach Sydney's suburbs.

Thousands of exhausted firefighters have been fighting nearly 100 fires in New South Wales near Sydney on Saturday and have been trying to put out forest fire a month ago.

Massive forest fire near Sydney

Firefighters workers said that:

  1. Controlling a huge forest fire on the outskirts of the Australian city of Sydney will take weeks.
  2. It will not extinguish without heavy rain after the smoke covered the sky of the city.
  3. Which led to an increase in respiratory diseases and the cancellation of sports matches in the open air.

Australia fires

Blazes ‘too big to put out’ as 140 bushfires rage in NSW and Queensland

The big fire broke out north of Sydney, Australia’s largest city, on Friday after a number of fires merged and is now raging at about 830,000 acres.

The state’s rural firefighting agency said:

  • “We need heavy rains to put out these fires,”  This is what will stop it.
  • As well as, It will take many weeks to put down this.

Forest fires are common in Australia during the hot summer that begins in December. But fires started very early this year and this was blamed on rising temperatures, dry winds, and deliberate fires.

The meteorological office said on Twitter that;

  1. The fires around Sydney emit large amounts of smoke into the air.
  2. They appear on radar screens as if they were large amounts of rain.

Australian bushfires reach Sydney’s suburbs

The Health Department of New South Wales said late Friday evening that:

  1. About 1,140 people sought medical help after suffering from breathing or asthma problems during the past week.
  2. The state’s ambulance service received more than a third of the phone calls.
  3. Finally, Six people were killed, nearly 700 houses were burned, and many acres were flattened.

Eventually, the neighbouring state of Queensland is fighting about 45 forest fires at temperatures of up to 40 degrees Celsius on Saturday.

Australian bushfires reach Sydney’s outskirts

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