Lightning kills an American runner the moment he wins

Lightning kills an American runner
Runner killed by lightning during race in Kansas.

After reaching tens of kilometres running, Lightning kills an American runner the moment he wins. He proved to be a professional athlete able to endure these long arduous distances, and when he reached the end of the marathon and before trying to celebrate this important sporting achievement.

What happened did not expect?

Stunning lightning at that moment exactly, and killed him at the end of the race And before they celebrate. This was the end of American runner Thomas Stanley, who was killed in the last few days in Kansas.

Lightning kills an American runner the moment he wins

The 33-year-old American runner, Stanley, was killed after being struck by lightning on the finish line during a long-running marathon. 50 kilometers in Elk City City Park, Kansas.

American runner Thomas Stanley death

Despite all attempts by marathons, trainers and medical staff to help him. Stanley was unable to save Stanley’s life and died of severe lightning injuries.

The late American runner had left behind a wife and three children. A donation campaign set up for his family that raised over $ 45,000 a day to help them. In his honor, his wife received the medal of victory on his behalf.

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