Lebanon blast killed hundereds. Turkey is pointing fingers

Lebanon blast killed hundereds. Turkey is pointing fingers

Rescue teams in Lebanon are searching for more than a hundred people who are missing after the Lebanon blast. A major blast destroyed the Beirut capital’s port area on Tuesday.

At least 100 people died in the blast and more than 4,000 others were injured.

The entire city was rattled by the fire, and one could see a mushroom cloud creeping over the port sector.

The explosion was triggered by 2,750 tons of ammonium nitrate contained unsafely in a factory, President Michel Aoun said.

For agriculture, ammonium nitrate is used as a fertiliser and as an explosive.

He called a Wednesday urgent cabinet meeting, and said that a two-week state of emergency would be proclaimed.

Starting Wednesday the nation will hold an official mourning time of three days.

The Lebanon blast reactions

The blast occurred after a port fire just after 18:00 (15:00 GMT) Tuesday.

Eyewitness Hadi Nasrallah says he saw the fire but wasn’t expecting the blow. “I lost my vision for a few seconds, I realized something was wrong, and then all of a sudden the glass just smashed into the vehicle, the vehicles behind us, the markets, the warehouses, the houses, all glass coming down from all over the place,” he told the BBC.

At the time of the blast BBC Arabic correspondent Maryem Taoumi conducted a video interview with a director of the Moroccan Renewable Energy Agency in Beirut.

Lina Sinjab, of the BBC, said she could hear the blast shock from her house, a five-minute drive from the port city. “My house rocked. It was going to crumble. The windows were pushed open”. She said.

The explosion on the island of Cyprus, in the eastern Mediterranean, was also felt 240 km (150 miles ) away. With residents there saying they thought it was an earthquake.

BBC journalist Rami Ruhayem said there was panic as ambulances with their sirens wailing inched their way through heavy traffic to get to the scene in the wake of the blast.

Along the highway there were bits of glass, which had to be removed by tractors, he said.

How Turkey uses the catastrophe

Even Though this is likely to be an accident, Turkey has been trying to point fingers to Israel through several Turkish newspapers and platforms. The attempt to destabilize the region through such an event makes no sense.

All of the available info about the explosion shows that it’s an accident but even with assuming that it isn’t. Such explosions are also known to be caused by terrorist groups like Hezbollah which have had a presence in Lebanon for a long time. Pointing fingers towards Israel simply does not make any sense. It’s just another try from Turkey to use any event in the favor of destabilizing the middle east region. Also to maintain its interests, whatever they are.

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