Kentucky legislature votes to remove the sculpture of Davis

US Kentucky legislature votes to move the sculpture of Davis from Capitol

A Kentucky commission voted on Friday to remove from the State Capital a statue of Confederate President Jefferson Davis, contributing its voice to a worldwide movement to eradicate segregation and slavery symbols.

At Gov. Andy Beshear’s request, the Historic Properties Advisory Commission met remotely via video teleconferencing, and then voted 11-1 to move Davis’ 15-foot (4.5-meter) marble statue to a state historic site in Kentucky where the Confederate leader was born. In the state of Capital the board is responsible for monuments.

“When I see the Jefferson Davis monument in my state Capitol and know our history, I can’t see many excuses to honor this man in that way,” said member of the commission Cathy Thomas, noting that he “slaved human beings” and “rebelled against the United States.”

The Statue in Kentucky

Relocating the Davis statue means that it will no longer share space in the ornate Capitol Rotunda with a statue of Abraham Lincoln, his Civil War opponent, and the president who, with the Proclamation of Emancipation, freed the slaves. All were Natives of Kentucky.

State workers were seen doing preparatory work Friday for the removal of the statue from the Rotunda, but it wasn’t clear immediately when it would go.

Voting for the panel came two days after protesters in Virginia toppled another Davis statue. It comes in the middle of a reigniting campaign to tear down Confederate statues across the U.S. Following the police’s killings of black Americans. A Minnesota Black man, George Floyd, died after he was pinned down by a Minneapolis police officer. He was putting his knee on Floyd ‘s neck.

Protesters in Louisville have also demanded justice for Breonna Taylor who died in March in her home. Narcotics detectives fired eight times at the African American EMT. Who kicked down her door while trying to execute a search warrant. No medications existed there.

Beshear, who said he was anticipating the commission to remove the monument from Capitol Rotunda. He declared it after the vote a landmark day. The Democratic Governor has also called the monument a controversial image that must go.

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