Israel & UAE delegations meet to sign the historical deal

Israel & UAE delegations meet to sign the historical deal

High-level delegations from Israel and the United Arab Emirates ( UAE) are expected to sign today at the White House a landmark US-brokered peace treaty.

Bahrain’s foreign minister, confirmed by President Donald Trump last week, will attend the event and sign his own deal to normalize relations with Israel.

Therefore the deals are significant.

Israel & UAE put foundation for peace

The deal benefits the ambitious Emiratis, who grew up into a place to do business or go on vacation.

The deal brings peace step by step towards the middle east. Making peaceful ties with each other, Israel and UAE will go forward. This is towards the welfare of their people.

Israel and the US share the UAE fears about Iran. There is Bahrain. Iran used to say Bahrain was a part of its territories by rights until 1969. The Sunni rulers of Bahrain also look upon parts of their restive Shia population as a possible fifth column for Iran.

Both Gulf states had only thinly veiled relations with Israel. They’ll be looking forward to open trade; Israel has one of the most advanced high-tech sectors in the world.

Israelis are enthusiastic holidaymakers in non-Covid days who would be keen to visit the Gulf’s deserts, beaches, and malls. All is good company.

Israel is cementing modern international ties with Arab states when the Palestinians are already languishing under repression in East Jerusalem and the West Bank, and what makes a virtual gaol in Gaza.

Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the de facto ruler of the UAE, says his payment for the contract was Israel ‘s commitment to save significant parts of the West Bank from being occupied.

Still, because of the immense foreign criticism, Prime Minister Netanyahu seems to have stepped away from the proposal. This is for now at least. He was given a way out of seizing Palestinian land.

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