Iran looks to reduce pledges under the nuclear deal

nuclear deal
Iran Appears Ready to Reduce Compliance With Nuclear Deal

An Iranian official has called for abandoning the policy of gradual steps to reduce Iranian commitments under the nuclear deal.

Iran looks to reduce pledges under the nuclear deal

The head of the National Security Committee in the Iranian parliament Mojtaba Zul-Nur that:

The policy of gradual withdrawal from the agreement does not work. But Tehran must implement what it wants one step.

The fourth step of reducing nuclear pledges

He called for the fourth step of reducing nuclear pledges to be

  • More tight and effective
  • forcing Europeans to honour their commitments

For his part, the Iranian leader Ali Khamenei sharply criticized French President Emmanuel Macron. So, his assertion that the problems between Washington and Tehran will be resolved through dialogue.

Khamenei said that:

Such a dialogue would not solve the problems of his regime. Noting that his country would not yield to what he considered “American pressure.”

Holding a summit between the US and Iranian presidents

The Iranian leader mentioned Macron in the context of the possibility of opening channels of dialogue between Washington and Tehran. As well as, a dialogue that the French president considered as the way to end the crisis between the two countries.

They fought for the realization of many efforts, starting from the meeting of the Group of Seven. In order to work of the General Assembly of the United Nations. Finally, The United States did not succeed in holding a summit between the US and Iranian presidents last September.

The tension between Washington and Tehran

It intensified after US President Donald Trump announced the withdrawal of his country from the nuclear deal.

Khamenei’s talk of closing the dialogue with Washington, claiming that:

Eventually, Iran will not yield to US pressure, seems to reflect a position contrary to

  1. The statements of Iranian President Hassan Rouhani and
  2. As well as, Foreign Minister Javad Zarif, who has always tried to show Tehran as a willing state.

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