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Iran handover Yemeni embassy to Houthi militias

Iran handover Yemeni embassy
The Arab League condemns the handover of the Yemeni embassy in Tehran to the Houthis.

The Arab League condemns Iran handover Yemeni embassy in Tehran to the Houthis. Iran violates the UN Charter and UN Security Council resolutions to hand over the Yemeni diplomatic mission in Tehran and its buildings to Houthi militias.

Iran handover Yemeni embassy in Tehran

The Arab League

The Secretary-General of the League of Arab States on Wednesday condemned

  1. The Iranian authorities’ official recognition of the representation of Houthi militias.
  2. Also, handed over the headquarters of the diplomatic mission of the Republic of Yemen in Tehran and its buildings, money, and property.

Iran steps considered as:

  • A flagrant departure from diplomatic norms.
  • As well as, a clear violation of the Charter of the United Nations and the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic and Consular Relations.
  • The relevant Security Council resolutions, in particular, resolution 2216.

On Tuesday, Iran’s Fars news agency said:

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani received Ibrahim Al-Dailami, who presented his credentials as the new ambassador to Sanaa.

Iran’s involvement in supporting the Houthis.”

The Yemeni Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the legitimate government that the Iranian recognition of the Houthi official as ambassador.

“A violation of the Charter of the United Nations and Security Council resolutions and relevant international agreements.”

The official Yemeni news agency, the ministry, said in a statement that:

It condemns and deplores Iran’s handing over diplomatic headquarters of Yemen in Tehran to

  1. A representative of the Houthi group.
  2. Its recognition as ambassador to Yemen.

So, the Yemeni Foreign Ministry held Iran responsible for the consequences of this “flagrant violation”, saying it confirmed “Iran’s involvement in supporting the Houthis.”

An official source at the General Secretariat of the League of Arab States said that:

Such a move reflects Iran’s insistence on further aggressive behaviour, with the aim of

  • Destabilizing Yemen with the consequent threat to the security of its neighbours.

Eventually, the source stressed the university’s full support for all legal and political measures taken by the legitimate Yemeni government to address this Iranian behaviour in order to preserve its sovereignty and independence. In addition, pointing out that the international community, represented by the Security Council, should assume its responsibilities in this regard.

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