Iran continues to cut the Internet to obscure the killing of protesters

Iran Shuts Down Internet as Protests Continue.

The Iranian authorities continue to cut off the Internet and prevent the media from circulating news to obscure the mass killings and suppression of protests and mass arrests of demonstrators in order to put them out.

Iran continues to cut the Internet to obscure the killing of protesters

While human rights organizations put the death toll at 40. The numbers were much higher given the extent of repression and shootings by security forces against demonstrators in most of the rising cities.

The arrest of demonstrators

The agency “Fars” that the protests spread to 100 cities and towns of Iran and the arrest of 1000 demonstrators. But activists reject the statistic of the Agency of the Revolutionary Guards and say the numbers times that.

In addition to the increasing reports on the number of injuries and arrests in the Iranian protests since Saturday night. Amid the widespread news blackout in the country for 40 years of the regime of the velayat-e faqih.

The Iranian interior minister

It threatened to confront the protesters without clemency. As the Iranian intelligence ministry sent text messages to citizens asking them to report the protesters.

The net loss of Internet services

  • It is estimated at $369 million a day

Security forces & Protesters

Sunday witnessed bloody clashes between security forces and protesters in several provinces.


  1. Firstly, The capital of Tehran
  2. Shiraz
  3. The centre of the province of Fars in the south of the country
  4. Isfahan
  5. Karaj in the centre
  6. Ahvaz
  7. Finally, Kermanshah in the southwest

The governor of Ahvaz announced the arrest of 180 demonstrators in the protests that pervaded 15 cities in the province during the past three days.

As well as, There was a night demonstration in the town of Andes, south of Tehran. Shows circulated by activists via the networking sites burned the bank “Mehr economy” on Starkhan Street in the capital Tehran.

In turn, accounts announced through the “Twitter” that the Basij militias arrest a number of demonstrators in the street “Salzman Ab” in Tehran.

A video showed security forces firing on demonstrators on Tehran’s Vadaran Street.

Another video of protesters on the Niaesh road in Tehran was also shouted: “If we were attacked with a cannon and a tank, the mullahs should leave.”

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