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Important Items of the “Deal of the Century”

Deal of the Century
Trump's (deal of the century) plan

The most important items of the “deal of the century” announced by Trump. More than two years after US President Donald Trump first proposed a Middle East peace plan, Trump announced Tuesday evening it, and it was called the “Deal of the Century” with a number of provisions.

Deal of the Century

Trump announced the deal of the century

The United States recognizes Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank.

A map of the demarcation of the borders for a “realistic two-state solution that provides a viable path for the Palestinian state”.

Which was published by Trump on his Twitter account


Middle East peace plan

Trump’s (deal of the century) plan

Among the most important provisions of Trump’s (deal of the century) plan include:

A demilitarized Palestinian state lives in peace alongside Israel, but under strict conditions, the Palestinians are likely to reject it.

  1. Israel agreed to “freeze the land” for a period of four years to ensure that a two-state solution is possible.
  2. Maintaining the status quo in the Haram al-Sharif in Jerusalem, located in the eastern part of the city that Israel occupied in the 1967 war.
  3. Israel will “continue to protect” the holy places in Jerusalem and ensure freedom of worship for Jews, Christians, Muslims, and other religions.
  4. Jerusalem will remain united and will remain the capital of the State of Israel.
  5. The capital of the State of Palestine will include areas in East Jerusalem.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu later said that:

The capital will be in Abu Dis, which is located 1.6 km east of the Old City in Jerusalem.

He called for the economic aspect of the plan and included the establishment of an investment fund worth 50 billion dollars.

In order to support the Palestinian economy and the economy of neighbouring Arab countries.

Why did Trump announce the plan now?

Trump’s upcoming election

  • The upcoming elections, as both Trump and Netanyahu have a round of elections.
  • Netanyahu twice failed to win a majority in the Knesset after two rounds of elections last year.
  1. Netanyahu in March
  2. Trump in November

Critics of the plan say that:

  • Both Trump and Netanyahu want to divert attention from internal problems.
  • Trump faces a Senate trial in the context of accountability that could lead to his isolation.
  • While Netanyahu charged with corruption charges last November. The two deny any wrongdoing.

Observers also pointed out that:

  1. Trump repeatedly postponed his plan to avoid raising electoral problems for Netanyahu.
  2. Because any concessions regarding settlements or the Palestinian state would cause him problems between his right-wing electoral base.
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The Palestinian-Israeli conflict “Deal of the Century”

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