Hurricane Laura tears down the Trump convention

Hurricane Laura tears down the Trump convention

A Louisiana storm is disrupting the national party convention of Republicans once again. This time it’s Hurricane Laura.

In 2008, when Hurricane Gustav made landfall in Louisiana, the GOP scrapped part of the first night of their Minnesota Meeting. Four years apart, Tropical Storm Isaac washed out the first night of Republican convention Tampa, Fla., when it skirted the town on the way to a landfall as a Louisiana hurricane.

Today, in the hours before President Donald Trump‘s acceptance speech on Thursday, one of the 10 biggest hurricanes ever making a strike in the Lower 48 states has landed on shore.

Hurricane Laura

The incredibly dangerous hurricane — along with the recent shooting of the police in Kenosha, Wis., which led to the postponement of NBA playoff games and other pro sports on Wednesday — has put up another management challenge for Trump and his team, as well as threatening to kick the convention out of the news reports leading the country. Except for now, on the third night of President Donald Trump’s nominating convention it has been business as usual.

After a brief reference on Wednesday night in Rabbi Aryeh Spero ‘s prayer. The GOP convention continued essentially as it did in usual circumstances before the daughter-in – law of Trump and Vice President Mike Pence both discussed the hurricane at the end of the week. Kellyanne Conway, the former White House adviser to the president. He did not formally shut the door to delay Trump’s acceptance speech on Thursday. But an official Trump campaign immediately shot down the idea his speech wouldn’t go ahead as planned.

Category-4 Hurricane Laura core made landfall early Thursday morning near Cameron, La. Bringing up to 150 miles an hour of maximum sustained winds. Just two major hurricanes this century hit the eastern U.S. with winds of this intensity. In 2018, Michael in the Florida panhandle, and in 2004, Charley in the Gulf Coast.

Running the national party conventions late August . Just weeks ahead of the Atlantic hurricane season’s September peak . It have contributed to a number of uncomfortable moments for Republicans in recent election cycles.

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