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“Home Alone 2” President Donald Trump’s Scene

Home Alone 2
President Trump responds to "Home Alone 2" scene being cut from Canadian TV.

Canadian radio deletes Trump’s scene in the movie “Alone at Home”. President Donald Trump spoke about appearing in the second part of “Home Alone 2: Lost in New York” and described the movie as “one of the biggest” highlights for Christmas.

“Home Alone 2” President Donald Trump’s Scene

Later in the day, the scene of his appearance in the movie disappeared when the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation rebroadcast the film. Trump appeared for seconds with the movie’s hero Kevin Macalester (McCauley Kulkin) at the US President’s Plaza Hotel.

Trump favourite movie

In a video conference call with US military personnel abroad, last Tuesday, Sergeant Trump asked about his favourite movie.

The latter replied:
  • “Well, I’m in a single (movie) at home 2.”

The US president Trump said:

  • “A lot of people mention the movie every year, especially at Christmas, they say, especially young children”.
  • “I saw you in the movie … They don’t see me on TV as they do in the movie.”
  • In addition, “It turned out that the film was a very big success, obviously a great success at Christmas.”
  • “So, I am honoured to participate in something like this, you always like to see success.”

Canadian radio’s deletion of its scene in the film

With increasing questions about the motive behind the Canadian radio’s deletion of its scene in the film.

The panel replied in a statement reaching saying:

“As is often the case with feature films adapted for television … Trump’s scene was one of several scenes cut from the film. As well as, it did None of them is part of a conspiracy. ”

The Canadian radio added:

“We made these adjustments in 2014 when we got the film for the first time, and before Mr Trump elected president.”

Trump said on Twitter:

  • “I think (Justin) Trudeau does not want to pay money to NATO or trade.”

In a later tweet, the US President mocked the scene, saying:


A video clip showed a moment when Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau ridiculed Trump with the participation of a number of world leaders. At the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) summit. Which held earlier this month in the British capital London.

What did cause Trump’s discontent?

President Trump responds to “Home Alone 2” scene being cut from Canadian TV. The video, which lasted 25 seconds, spread virally and was the first talked about by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, which caused Trump’s discontent at the time.

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