Hillary Clinton on coronavirus management: ‘I’d done a great job’

Hillary Clinton on coronavirus management: 'I'd done a great job'

In an interview released on Friday, Hillary Clinton taunted President Donald Trump, questioning his management of coronavirus by saying that she — as president — should have done a better job handling the worldwide pandemic.

A former rival ‘s remark, which came during a wide-ranging interview on a documentary about Clinton’s life published this year, hits Trump on a subject that has undermined his aspirations for reelection and irritated his administration.

“We certainly could have done a better job of saving lives, modeling better, more responsible behaviour,” Clinton told the podcast “Awards Chatter” by The Hollywood Reporter.

Clinton said that being on the sidelines in a pandemic was “frustrating”. Noting that although she is trying to do her part by speaking out and collecting funds, she feels that she should do more.

Hillary Clinton criticizes Trump

The coronavirus pandemic has consumed American society over the last four months, even changing every part of the presidential race. Facing the pandemic and the economic collapse it triggered, Trump’s campaign has failed to move ahead. In the United States, more than 2.7 million Covid-19 cases have been confirmed. By far the world’s highest, and more than 128,000 People have died.

Throughout the interview, the former Secretary of State and 2016 Democratic presidential candidate did not conceal their contempt for Trump. Calling him a “vindictive score-settler” and saying that the nation gets a good look at what it means to have a President that is not up for the job.

Clinton’s new series of interviews arrives months after Hillary’s publication. Just when the show begins to gain recognition for awards. The show, which looks at Clinton’s life spread over a four-part series. It recently received an award from The Critics Choice Association for best short documentary film.

In the interview, Hillary Clinton was asked a number of questions about her life. Where she said she found it “impossible to answer” what her life would have been like. If she had not married former President Bill Clinton and described her encounters with Trump. Before the 2016 election as “not very many and not of great moment, certainly not to me.”

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