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Google Play Store Down: Android Users Complain About ‘Server Error’ When Attempting To Access

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The issues have been reported in many markets, including the US and India

Google Play Store seems to be down for a lot of users worldwide and those affected are apparently getting a “server error” screen while accessing Google Play Store from their Android devices. A large number of users who encountered the error took to Twitter and other social media channels and raised concerns over this error. Google has yet to confirm the outage.

The issues are majorly reported by mobile users, while the Web version of Google Play is working fine. The outage is also not limited to one market and appears to impact a large number of users across a number of regions, including Europe, US and Asia markets.

For the most part, it’s a server error that is not allowing users to download new or update any of the existing apps. Some of the affected users confirmed that clearing the cache and data stored by the Google Play Store app doesn’t help and the error persists.

More interestingly, majority of these errors with the Google Play Store have been reported by the Huawei users, raising concerns over the US-China trade war and the ban Huawei devices are facing from Google and other major vendors. Could Google be sabotaging Huawei devices and users by manipulating which kind of content they have access to in the Play Store?

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