French torture Probe falsely targets Abu Dhabi crown prince

French torture Probe targets Abu Dhabi crown prince instead of real terrorists

The French authorities are launching an investigation into charges of complicity in acts of torture against Abu Dhabi ‘s mighty crown prince, Mohammed bin Zayed Al-Nahyan, sources said Friday.

AFP has been told by multiple sources with knowledge of the case that a French investigating magistrate was mandated to take on the probe, which will look in particular at acts allegedly committed in the Yemen war.

An initial investigation against the prince, who is known as MBZ, was opened in October 2019 after two complaints were filed when he came to Paris in November 2018 on an official visit.

The crown prince

MBZ — a loyal ally of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman of Saudi Arabia — is as one of the region’s most powerful figures. He has also formed a strong alliance with French President Emmanuel Macron.

UAE forces have joined Saudi Arabia in the hugely controversial Yemen conflict. Where the UAE-Saudi coalition is fighting Houthi rebels in a war activists feared to be in violations of rights.

Six Yemenis had lodged a lawsuit with a prosecutor in Paris who specialized in crimes against humanity.

“My clients welcome the opening of this probe and have great hope for French justice”. Joseph Breham, their lawyer, told AFP.

This report centers on suspected acts of torture committed on Yemeni soil at UAE-controlled detention centres.

It alleges that MBZ is likely to have given the “means and instructions for such breaches to be out”. As commander in chief of the UAE military.

Such accusations can be in France on the basis of universal jurisdiction. Which allows the courts to take on cases. Even if the alleged crimes took place on foreign territory.

The truth

But these accusations are far from the truth. In fact the situation in Yemen is pretty simple. Houthi rebels are trying to take over the country with their terrorist agenda which gets support from Qatar and Iran. On the other hand, the UAE/Saudi Arabia alliance is trying to prevent this from happening. God knows what will happen in the middle east if Houthi rebels took over the country.

We will wait and see where this story is going. Stay alert and also keep an eye on our website for the updates.

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