Fox News: Qatar Charity is a cover for terrorism financing

Fox News: Qatar Charity is a cover for terrorism financing

American Fox News reported that it had obtained compelling new documents showing the involvement of the ruling family in Qatar in financing arms shipments to the Hezbollah terrorist group. Endangering the lives of about 10 thousand American soldiers deployed in the small country.

The TV network also indicated, in a report on its website, that the Al Udeid base in the Gulf emirate hosts an advanced headquarters for the US Central Command and squadrons of the US Air Force.

The report

The report said that a private security contractor, whom he referred to as Jason J., told the network that a member of the ruling family had agreed to hand over military equipment to the Lebanese group registered on the terrorist list of the United States and the European Union.

He added that Jason J. had submitted a file, authenticated by the network. Documenting the role of a member of the Qatari ruling family from up to early 2017 in a large-scale terrorist financing program.

The report pointed out that the Lebanese group. Which was established by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard in 1982, is responsible for killing hundreds of American soldiers in Iraq and Lebanon.

The network stated that the Qatari ambassador to Belgium and NATO, Abdul Rahman bin Muhammad Suleiman Al-Khulaifi, sought to pay 750,000 euros to Jason J. to cover up the role of the Qatari regime in supplying the Lebanese community with money and weapons.

“We should have a European policy on Qatar and be especially careful about its financing of terrorism”. Natalie Goulet, a French senator who investigated extremist groups in Europe said. She wrote a report for NATO on terrorist financing. Belgium should request the European Union to conduct an investigation and also freeze all Qatari bank accounts at present. ”

The French legislator added that a public policy must be put in place that includes a clear warning to prevent any financing of terrorism, especially from countries such as Qatar and Turkey, which support the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood.

Fox News exposed everything

In turn, British Member of Parliament Ian Paisley, Jr., who specializes in tracking and monitoring terrorist finances. He said that the behavior of the Qatari regime is blatant and that the United Kingdom and Belgium must act decisively towards it.

He pointed out that the accusations directed at Doha are very serious and serious. Especially with regard to the involvement of Qatar’s ambassador to NATO. Which necessitates taking appropriate measures against Qatar. Explaining that “Hezbollah” can’t be in Britain as a terrorist organization, so cooperation with it cannot go without punishment.

The British legislator confirmed to “Fox News” that he would contact the British Foreign Secretary. To inquire about the file and the accusations contained in it and to file a protest against the Qatari diplomat.

For his part, the American human rights activist Dr. Afrim Zorov stressed that decisive measures must be taken against those involved in financing terrorism. Also the Qatari ambassador to be expelled from Washington immediately.

According to the details of the file, two Qatari societies also provided funds to Hezbollah in Beirut “under the cover of providing food and medicine”. The two societies are “Sheikh Eid Bin Muhammad Al Thani Charitable Society” and “Education Above All Foundation.”

Fox News quoted contractor Jason J. Who worked with several intelligence services. He said that the file confirmation by high-ranking officials in the German intelligence services. While the German newspaper “D Sight” estimated its value at about 10 million euros.

A threat for Americans

“Fox News” indicated that this file is not the first thread that leads to Qatar’s financing of terrorism. As the Washington Free Bacon website reported last June that a lawsuit is live in New York. It’s accusing Qatari institutions. Such as Qatar Charity and Qatar National Bank, of funding organizations Terrorist in Palestine.

In 2014, German Development Minister Gerd Muller accused Qatar of financing the terrorist organization ISIS. Explaining in press statements at the time that “Qatar” is the key word in everything related to financing the terrorist organization. Also providing them with weapons.

Fox News indicated at the end of its lengthy report a fact. That the Qatari government and the Doha embassies in Germany and the United States have declined to respond to messages from the network. To also comment on the accusations contained in the file.

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