Fauci says that in the next few weeks, the US will increase its work

Fauci says that in the next few weeks, the US will increase its work

Dr. Anthony Fauci said on Saturday that monitoring will be expanded by twice as much by the US and he hopes that should be necessary.

The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases director made the remarks at a National Academy of Sciences Covid-19 Report webcast. As coronavirus deaths surpassed 53,000 and outbreak reports have reached 900,000 worldwide.

Fauci, a core member of the White House coronavirus task force. He reported that the US is running between 1.5 to 2 million Covid-19 experiments a week and that “we can hopefully get up to twice that when we get through the next few weeks. And I hope we’ll.”

Fauci noted that he was referring to coronavirus diagnostic testing, not to an antibody testing.

Fauci’s point of view

“Research is an important aspect but it’s not the only aspect,” observed Fauci, while stressing the need for detection, separation and touch tracking.

“With how many samples you need we don’t want to be there,” he added.

Noting that the US needs to “have sufficient samples to respond to the pathogens that will inevitably occur as you start to work your way back to the different phases.” Fauci’s remarks came after he and President Donald Trump differed this week in the midst of the current pandemic on the surveillance capabilities of the world.

“We really need to scale up dramatically. Not only the amount of experiments but the capacity to actually execute them”. Fauci said Thursday during an interview with Time 100 Talks.

In addition, Trump said he thinks the government is doing “a fine job”. At a press conference on the same day by a coronavirus task force.

“I don’t agree with him on that, no, I think we’re doing some excellent research jobs,” Trump said.

Trump and his political allies have pointed to the growing amount of coronavirus experiments conducted in the U.S. But the nation is also lagging behind Italy in per capita testing.

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