Exchange of detainees between Russia and Ukraine

Exchange of detainees
Trump congratulates Russia, Ukraine, on “exchange of detainees”.

Trump calls the prisoner exchange between Russia and Ukraine “a first step” for peace. US President Donald Trump congratulated Russia and Ukraine on the exchange of detainees, saying the move could be a huge first step towards peace in relations between the two countries.

Trump congratulates Russia, Ukraine, on “exchange of detainees”.

“Russia and Ukraine have just been exchanging many detainees,” Trump said in a tweet published on Saturday.

Russia and Ukraine

As, Several recent talks by Russian Presidents Vladimir Putin and Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelinsky, Moscow and Kyiv. The first such exchange of detainees between the two sides in the form of 35 to 35, in a move that widely welcomed. Within the two countries and in the world.

Exchange of detainees

Trump congratulates Russia, Ukraine, on “exchange of detainees”.

As well as, Commenting on this development, the Russian Foreign Ministry considered that implementing such an operation made by “the new Ukrainian administration under the leadership of Zelinsky rational position and readiness for consensus.”

The Ukrainian President described the exchange of detainees:

So, the first phase of implementing his agreements with Putin on the resumption of dialogue between Ukraine and Russia. In order to stop the conflict in the Donbas region east of his country.

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