Ex husband of my daughter fled with children through Turkey: Saudi state security returns kidnapped children home

Security services in KSA were able to return a child & his brother from areas of conflict in Syria after their father kidnapped them from their mother’s arms to hand them over to ISIS without mercy or pity, stripped of meaning of paternity.
  • Security process confirms that decisions taken by Custodian of Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdulaziz & His Royal Highness Prince Mohammed bin Salman in development of security apparatus besides establishment of State Security Presidency to transfer KSA to a distinguished & professional era of determination.

Grandfather of child Ahmed & his brother Abdullah Fahd Al-Muhaini said the return of their children to homeland came after a great & distinguished effort by security services in  KSA. And said that first day of Saturday is a historic day in life of their family amid joy & happiness not described after return of Abdullah & Ahmed to arms of homeland & their mother.

He explained that his daughter is separated from her husband from eight years has Abdullah & Ahmed. Five years ago or more, husband went on a trip with excuse of tourism. Then he disappeared from sight & we do not know about him & children. In order to organize a terrorist in Syria led by their father, and were entered through Turkey to areas of conflict,  from those moments do not know about them but we saw pictures of them traded with their father carrying weapons despite their young age, then learned that their father died & left children in ISIS.


“Thank God after a security operation we managed to return to the children of the homeland, pointing out that they did not talk with the children since their arrival for any details for the sake of safety, joy of return more important than any details and to preserve their souls, calling on everyone to circumvent the governors, , And to preserve this precious homeland, which is doing its governors _ God’s precious and generous hand to protect his sons and preserve them, noting that the health of the children and all praise is good”

Refering that their father Nasser al-Shayek left for Turkey on 2/10/1435 e, accompanied by his sons Abdullah & Ahmed, who was killed in a suicide attack after leaving months.

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