European Union gives Britain its recent agreement to secede

European Union
A New era for Britain from its beginning in 2021

Britain’s secession from the European Union bypassed the last official obstacle in Brussels on Thursday, to become final in effect from Friday. But the procedure devoid of any ceremonies. As heavy rains rained on the gathering of systems in the heart of the European Union capital to “bid farewell” to Britain.

European Union gives Britain its recent agreement to secede

The 27 member states backed the withdrawal agreement reached in October after more than three years of difficult negotiations.

Britain left the European Union

Written procedure

The approval came under the name “written procedure“, which is emails from the bloc countries.

A New era for Britain from its beginning in 2021

The End of the authority of the European Nations

  1. At the end of 2020, Britain will end from the Sultanate of the European Nations.
  2. Britain will not become a member country of the European Union from Saturday.
  3. But it will enter a transitional phase that will last until the end of December.
  4. In order to give citizens and companies time to adjust to the new conditions.

Transitional period

During the transitional period, Britain will continue to apply the Union’s laws, but it will not be represented in its institutions.

The city of Brussels celebrates friendship with Britain

A ceremony organized by the City of Brussels to celebrate friendship with Britain got off to a bad start on Thursday because of the rains on the famous Grand Palace in Brussels.

The European Parliament plans

  • The European Parliament plans to place one of its British flags in the nearby European History Museum.
  • Which narrates the most important events that the continent has gone through since 1789.
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