Spain coronavirus death toll rises as nations prolong lockdowns

Spain coronavirus death toll rises as nations prolong lockdowns

Spain reported that 619 people had died from coronavirus among Saturday and Sunday, a rise of almost 100 deaths over the same duration 24 hours earlier.

Elsewhere, France reported that less people joined its intensive care units for medication for COVID-19 ahead of a speech by President Emmanuel Macron in which he is likely to prolong the country’s month-long coronavirus lockout.

France is the world’s fourth worst-hit country behind the US, Italy and Spain, with more than 130,000 cases and 13,832 deaths as of Sunday. “It looks like a very high ridge is developing,” medical head Jerome Salomon said in his regular update on coronavirus status.

Thousands of churches across Europe, the US and the world held ‘internet’ services behind closed doors because of the virus on Easter Sunday.

It came as the U.S. exceeded Italy in the number of coronavirus fatalities. Reporting over 20,000 fatalities and over half a million reported cases. Today, Italy has more than 150,000 cases and 19,000 fatalities, and has expanded its nationwide lockout to May 3.

Spain’s death toll rises

Spain’s rise will be a shock. After the nation recorded its lowest daily death count on Saturday. After 510 people died from the outbreak, in three weeks.

In the UK, British prime minister Boris Johnson was discharged this weekend from hospital after acquiring COVID-19. He has told medical staff since that he owes his life.

Queen Elizabeth II said in her first Easter letter to the British people. That the epidemic “wouldn’t overtake us”. She encouraged Britons to maintain apart and “keep us safe”

South Korea meanwhile announced only 32 new cases of coronavirus in Asia over the past 24 hours. Bringing the total number of cases to 10,512. North Korea’s government also claims not to have had a single case of the virus yet. An assertion which experts refute.

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