Coronavirus attacks British Prime Minister Boris Johnson

Coronavirus attacks British Prime Minister Boris Johnson

The UK’s allergic reaction to the coronavirus pandemic was upended in relation to Friday considering the Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his summit health minister tested pos. for the infection, and his chief medical adviser self-lonely after displaying symptoms.

Boris Johnson announced it himself

Johnson announced his diagnosis in a remarkable video posted about speaking social media, in which he said he would continue to gain the UK handing out’s efforts from self-distancing in an apartment in Downing Street. Minutes future, his secretary of proclaim for health, Matt Hancock, plus said he had the virus and would abet from domicile.

The Prime Minister said he’d been tested behind reference to the advice of England’s chief medical overseer, Chris Whitty. A business of hours sophisticated, Whitty said he was going into self-separation after displaying symptoms of Covid-19.

The astonishing developments raised the ask of how many officials leading the UK’s reply to coronavirus exposed themselves to it. Downing Street, the center of facility in the UK, is a maze of cramped offices and narrow corridors, making it taking place for impossible for everyone functioning there to practice the doling out’s own advice upon social disaffection.


On Thursday evening, after displaying symptoms but in the in sustain learning the result of his exam. Johnson appeared outside 10 Downing Street along with his chief finance minister. Rishi Sunak, taking share in a national moment of appreciation for the UK’s health serve workers. A spokesman for Downing Street also said the pair was careful to remain in a safe strange spot.

Boris Johnson was a late convert to the strict proceedings now in place in the UK. Only a few weeks ago, he boasted of shaking the hands of coronavirus patients in hospital. The UK also faced criticism for a more cautious door to the restrictive proceedings adopted by its European neighbors.

“Over the last 24 hours I have developed mild symptoms and tested determined for coronavirus”. Johnson said in his Friday Twitter adding up. “I’m now self-isolating. But I’m going to continue to support the disclosure of the team. By video conferencing as we run into tension with this virus. Johnson said in a video that he was feeling fever and constant cough, which also are main signs of the virus. He’s another that he was in pain from burning and self-isolation.

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