Erwin Galicia expressed ‘inhumane’ conditions.

Erwin Galicia
U.S. citizen says he lost 26 pounds while wrongfully held in 'inhumane' conditions

For more than three weeks An 18-year-old U.S. citizen “Erwin Galicia” who was held as an undocumented immigrant.

U.S. citizen says he lost 26 pounds while wrongfully held in ‘inhumane’ conditions.

In conditions, he called it “inhumane,” says U.S. officials never apologized for wrongfully detaining him.

Francisco Erwin Galicia said through a translator

“We went through something inhumane.”

” Francisco Erwin Galicia said of his time at a Texas detention center.”

Expressing the inhumane manners

Detainees at a U.S. Customs and Border Protection facility in South Texas.

  • one single bathroom for all those people — without beds or anything. And we would sleep on the floor.
  • They were allowed to shower only every three to seven days.
  • In between, They were given “wipes” to try to clean themselves.
  • The men took turns sleeping in the one bathroom they were allowed to use.

Galicia expressed that he made all legal documents

He was detained at a Texas checkpoint in late June while traveling with a brother he says was undocumented.

Galicia said he announced his citizenship and showed agents his

  • Texas identification
  • a birth certificate
  • a Social Security card

but, agents believed they were fake and held him

Although, he was also carrying a Mexican tourist visa.

CBP and ICE said in a statement Wednesday that :

So, Galicia gave immigration enforcement officers “conflicting reports regarding the status of citizenship.”

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