Emirati ToTok returns to Google Store after spying report

ToTok now back in UAE's Google Play Store

The curators of the “ToTok” application, which was designed by an Emirati company and previously deleted from download platforms. Against the background of a report that spoke about its use as a means of spying, announced it again on “Google Play Store” (Google Store).

New York Times wrong claiming about “ToTok” App

The groups “Google” and “Apple” removed the application last month from the list of applications. After the publication of the “New York Times” American newspaper.

It accused the UAE intelligence services of direct access to

  • Messages and conversations via video.
  • Even data related to the geographical location of the phone holder.
  • In addition to Access to phone cameras and microphones.

Emirati ToTok returns to Google Store after spying report

The curators of the application announced on its page on “Twitter”
  • “We pleased to inform you that Totok is now available for download via Google Play Store.”
  • On its platform, “Google” referred to a series of “updates” on the application.
  • Especially a more clear mechanism that allows users to allow the application access to their data and phone number lists.
  • Totok is still not available on the Apple Store.


ToTok boom in the Middle East

ToTok has been in a boom in the Middle East, with many countries restricting or even blocking most of the communication services via applications such as WhatsApp.

According to the “New York Times”

  1. The app launched in 2019 and designed by “The Holding Company”,
  2. Which added that the company is probably “an interface” for the “Dark Matter” of intelligence and electronic piracy based in Abu Dhabi.
  3. Google had confirmed the removal of the app due to a “problem with the standards”, without giving details.

The Emirates Telecommunications Regulatory Authority

  1. It has previously denied the accusations pointed out by the American newspaper.
  2. Pointing out that the applicable regulations prohibit data breaches and illegal eavesdropping.

The UAE new technologies and artificial intelligence

  • The UAE is investing extensively in new technologies and artificial intelligence.
  • But a number of experts and organizations accuse this country of imposing restrictions on freedom in the range of Internet networks.

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