Emir of Qatar visiting the white house? I think not.


President Trump has a unique opportunity to reinforce his well-deserved reputation and international credentials by raising these issues with the Emir of Qatar.

Less than a week after the nation celebrates its 243 birthday, President Trump has an opportunity to :

  • Enhance America’s international status
  • Improve the lives of millions of people

During the meeting with the Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani.

Today July 9 meeting presents an opportunity for President Trump to raise significant concerns with the Emir regarding :

  • Qatar’s ongoing support for international terrorism.
  • It blatant disregard of fair-trade policies designed to protect American airline workers.
  • Qatar’s sad record of human rights abuses.

Qatar is seen internationally as a major funder of terrorist organizations like Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood.

As well as, It widely reported that human rights organizations documented violent human rights abuses.

So, The Trump administration has moved to designate the Muslim Brotherhood an international terrorist organization, which is funded by the emir of Qatar.

Qatar support of Hamas is especially disturbing.

Hamas designated a terrorist organization by the U.S. State Department and the European Union.

President Trump can also discuss Qatar’s disregard of commitments made between our two countries to help ensure

  • fair international airline operations outlined in the Open Skies trade agreements.

Why the United States welcomes a state supportive of extremism and the Muslim Brotherhood ?!

The Trump administration made clear they would not allow this to continue and reached an important agreement with it to ensure its compliance.

Tamim is a weak figure and has no experience in the diplomatic field.

He always allies with those who support war and spread terror in the country.

As well as, Its goal always undeclared, but its actions are always seen in terrorist operations. Which spread terror and terrorism in different countries, Arab or non-Arab.

Qatar’s abandonment of the commitments it made in the agreement with the Trump administration had not gone unnoticed.

So, A group of Senators led by Ted Cruz wrote to the Trump administration expressing concern over these violations.

Rep. Matt Gaetz, of Florida, has also criticized it’s unfair practices.

Eventually, Secretary Mike Pompeo said the administration is looking closely at the issue and concerned about compliance with the agreements.

The Trump administration can rightly press for social reforms that will:

  • improve and protect the lives of millions of people
  • call for new enforcement of trade agreements that will protect tens of thousands of American jobs.

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