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Donald Trump fails to deliver on his promises

Donald Trump
Trump's litany of broken promises

US President Donald Trump portrayed himself as a “bargain man” who could extract many concessions from partners or rivals. But his years at the White House did not lead to major deals in Washington’s favour.

Donald Trump was not the “maker of deals”

Trump enters his last year in the White House, given that the presidential elections will be held in November 2020.

During his years in charge of the presidency of the United States.

  • Wasted the diplomatic effort ex-American presidents made, such as
  • Retreating from the Paris climate agreement.
  • Confusing strong institutions and alliances to the United States.

Rigid files

The North Korean file

It is one of the files that Trump could not achieve tangible progress, despite the holding of two summits.

  • The first of which was in Singapore in June 2018.
  • The second in the Vietnamese capital Hanoi in February 2019.
  • A third time, Trump met North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, in passing, in the Demilitarized Zone between the two Koreas.

Pending promises

Trump’s radical solutions to the North Korean file

Trump’s failure to conclude deals is not limited to the North Korean file, which has been a hot file in Washington for decades. But extends to other aspects Trump has pledged to find radical solutions for.

On the level of the trade war with China

  • Trump was able to win only limited concessions from Beijing.
  • The White House did not force Beijing to sign an agreement reducing the trade deficit between the two countries.

Additional fees on Chinese goods

  1. The US administration is still waving to impose an additional fee of 160 billion dollars on Chinese goods during the next week.
  2. But Trump aides talk about significant progress in the talks and say that the agreement is imminent.
  3. While the war actually affected the two largest economies in the world.

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