Only two U.S. states report decreases in new cases of coronavirus

Only two U.S. states report decreases in new cases of coronavirus

Just two U.S. states record declines in new cases of coronavirus relative to last week: Connecticut and Rhode Island.

In a whopping 36 states, including Florida, an increase was reported which some experts warned could be the next epicenter for infections. Authorities there and around the U.S. are also warning younger residents of a rise in incidents.

Florida recorded Saturday 9,585 new cases of coronavirus, a single-day high since the pandemic started. The total matches that of the height of New York in early April (the latest case of New York count Saturday was around 6 percent of Florida’s). Florida’s Health Department also registered another 8,530 new cases on Sunday.

New cases of coronavirus rise in most states

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis also said the surge of the state in the last week’s cases was the result of a “test dump,” echoing a White House assertion. That the higher numbers result from an increase in testing.

America’s Face Centers for Disease Control and Prevention also contended that the spike was actual. Not a phenomenon due to the number of tests and cautioned further spread and deaths were in the future of the world.

“As a doctor, a scientist, also an epidemiologist, I can tell you with 100 percent certainty that this is a real increase in most states where you see an increase. It’s not more tests; it’s more virus spreading,” CDC Director Tom Frieden also told Fox News on Sunday.

In the South, as a result of hasty reopenings. The figures are rising, he said, and it’s “going to keep getting worse for weeks”. Deaths are not yet spiking because fatalities are lagging infections by around a month, he added. Predicting the country will see at least 15,000 more fatalities over the next month.

“This infection also appears to get the upper hand,” Frieden told Fox News.

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