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Decline in the number of illegal immigrants to the United States

illegal immigrants
U.S.-Mexico crossings continues to drop, but number of Mexican migrants surges.

A decrease in the flows of illegal immigrants to the United States by 74.5% since May 2019, the date of the presentation of its plan to address the issue.

The decline in illegal immigrants to the United States

The Mexican Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard said:

  • “The numbers of those who cross the border toward the United States has fallen by 74.5%. “

The influx of illegal immigrants

The main goal

Eberhard said:

  1. Today we have positive results, not because the issue is only related to reducing the illegal flow.
  2. But also because the people on the national soil are safe.
  3. Noting that Mexico has given 60,000 jobs to immigrants on its soil.
  4. The goal is not to ask them for shelter but to reduce the very high possibility that they will decide to emigrate.

It is noteworthy that the United States has been facing an influx of illegal immigrants since October 2018 towards its borders with Mexico, which negatively affected relations between Washington and Mexico City.

Imposing customs duties:

The United States threatened last June to impose customs duties on products from Mexico in the event the Mexican government refrains from stemming the flow of immigrants, the majority of whom come from countries

Such as:
  1. Guatemala
  2. El Salvador
  3. Honduras

Military support

  • Under pressure, Mexico has deployed more than 25,000 soldiers between its southern borders.
  • With the majority of immigrants reaching its northern border with the United States.
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