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Decision of President Trump to pull US troops from Syria is wrong, Top US general

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The leader of US commands, top American general “Joseph Votel” refuses the decision of President Trump to withdraw US troops from Syria as ISIS still far from defeated.

US-backed forces still not capable of depending on their own to fight ISIS on their own without assistance of US experts.

“It would not have been my military advice at that particular time. I would not have made that suggestion, frankly. “(The caliphate) still has leaders, still has fighters, it still has facilitators, it still has resources, so our continued military pressure is necessary to continue to go after that network”, the announcement of Joseph Votel.

According to Votel, to declare the full defeating of ISIS, we have to make sure that terror no longer poses a threat.

“When I say, ‘we have defeated them,’ I want to ensure that means they do not have the capability to plot or direct attacks against the US or our allies. They still have this very powerful ideology, so they can inspire”, Votel stated.

US rapid withdrawal of its troops from Syria decision made by President Trump last year was a solo decision making without consulting the commander of US Central Command or the senior State Department officials  in charge of the campaign against ISIS which appalled US lawmakers & James Mattis Defense Secretary.

US assistance still needed for US-backed forces as (SDF); “They still require our enablement and our assistance with this. We want (ISIS) to be able to be controlled or addressed by the indigenous partners, whether that’s the Iraqi security forces in Iraq, or the Syrian Democratic Forces in Syria, that when they are capable of handing this threat on their own, without our assistance, that will be another key criteria indicating to me that we have accomplished our mission of defeat of ISIS”, Votel cited.


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