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Davos 2020 … The World Economic Forum

Davos 2020
The participants who show up to Davos year after year

Davos 2020 … Everything you need to know about the World Economic Forum. The fiftieth session of the World Economic Forum “Davos 2020” in the Swiss city of Davos, which will run from January 21 to January 24.

The World Economic Forum “Davos 2020”

Who is expected to attend the World Economic Forum?

It is expected that the forum will be attended by a number of world leaders, key figures from
  1. The United Nations
  2. The European Union
  3. Heads of major companies
  4. Finally, The forum will attract about 3000 people

Among the expected attendees of the forum are:

  • US President Donald Trump
  • German Chancellor Angela Merkel
  • Christine Lagarde
  • Finally, President of the European Central Bank

What are the main points of the conference?

The conference is taking place this year as the prospects for
  1. Trade and global economic growth
  2. Technology companies
  3. The future of pluralism
  4. Finally, the geopolitical system, are experiencing increasing challenges.

According to the World Economic Forum website

  • This year’s conference aims to give concrete meaning to “stakeholder capitalism”
  • As well as, help governments and international institutions track progress on the Paris Agreement and the SDGs
  • Finally, facilitate discussions on technology and trade management.

Founder and CEO of the World Economic Forum, Klaus Schwab, said:

  1. People are revolting against the economic elite that they think has let them down.
  2. So, our efforts to keep global warming limited to 1.5 degrees Celsius are facing a serious shortcoming.
  3. As well as, This year we have to develop the Davos Statement for 2020 to re-envision the purpose and results in records for companies and governments.
  4. Eventually, This is what established the World Economic Forum 50 years ago, which we want to contribute to over the next 50 years.

Forum’s program key topics

The priorities for this year’s Forum’s program for the forum include several key topics including
How to preserve
  • Firstly, the planet, society and the future of work
  • Secondly, Technology for good
  • Thirdly, Wiser economies
  • Fourthly, Better business
  • Fifthly, The future of health
  • Finally, Beyond geopolitics

According to the forum’s website:

  1. This year’s annual meeting will see the publication of the global ESG Scorecard by the forum’s International Business Council.
  2. Which is currently chaired by Brian Moynihan, CEO of Bank of America.
According to the BBC:
  • The forum, held annually at the Davos Alpine ski resort.
  • Brings together business and trade leaders with prominent leaders in political, academic and charitable causes.

Eventually, Many of them take this opportunity to hold private meetings on issues such as investing in their countries and to conclude trade deals.

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