Crimes of Houthi destroy future of Yemeni Children


ONLY ON AP Houthi rebels press children into armed service

(19 Dec 2018) Young boys dance to martial drum beats in Yemen, automatic rifles raised above their heads. These are the child soldiers of the Houthis, an underage army groomed by the Iran-linked rebels who control about half of Yemen, locked in a deadly civil war against the country’s government which is supported by Saudi Arabia and the United States.

Yemen has a very difficult humanitarian situation, where majority of Yemeni people are subjected to multiple violations in most of their basic rights. Most important of which is  right to live in safety, in light of reality imposed by Houthis & Saleh militias, which turned to power in late 2014 & practiced most inhuman crimes against women Children & defenseless civilians.
Several press reports indicated that Huthi militias were abducting children from their families, training them to use weapons, engaging them in battles against Arab coalition forces, with the aim of improving their field & military position on the battlefield.

Despite military supremacy of Arab coalition forces, they agreed to Stockholm Agreement; the right to blood of Yemeni people; & search for a safe way to save the lives of the Yemenis; the Huthi militias did not meet their commitments & continued to violate international truce.
Increasing exploitation of children by Huthis & Salafi in financing their battles on hidden economy, such as drugs, smuggling & the black market.
The storming of mosques & imposition of preachers by force of arms is not only that, but  Houthi militias dared to sanctify mosques & its elements broke into dozens of mosques in a number of provinces imposing their speakers, besides launching a campaign of arrests in addition to kidnappings of preachers & imams in those mosques.
Militias have released children’s religious slogans for recruitment & training in camps under  name of “Quranic march” & “memorization centers” in many Yemeni cities.
At least 5,000 militia fighters are children who have been lured or tricked into combat fronts.
Houthis crimes no less murderous than doing ISIS Recently Houthi militias during coup last December, has recruited more than 450 children from sons of al-Mahwit province west of Sanaa compulsory, & sent them to fighting fronts despite reluctance of their parents.
Houthis use children as human shields.
Local sources said that militia coup province Mahaweet recruited children as young as 13 years, & has forced them on several fronts, most notably Nhm.hat – Secretary General of Local Council Directorate Milhan Mohammed Yahya Abdu, pro-Houthi, compiled some 50 children to attend A cultural course, to be surprised then sent to fronts of fighting.

UNICEF Yemen on Twitter

‘In the worst affected areas of Hudaydah, only one in three students is able to continue their education and less than a quarter of all teachers are present in school’ @UNICEF Yemen Rep @RelanoMeritxell #EducationUnderFire #ChildrenUnderAttack

  • Even schools have not received from them.
Yemeni official sources confirmed that Houthi coup group & its ousted ally Ali Abdullah Saleh destroyed 1700 schools since militias began their wars in several provinces in March 2015.
Huthib militias closed school “Bani Amer” in Directorate of Nahm, east of Sanaa, turning it into a military barracks , & forced more than 250 students to leave besides forcing dozens of them to join fighting in Directorate.
Al-Houthi militias closed Arkan secondary school in Zou Ja’man district of Amran governorate & expelled its faculty members after school staff refused to carry out activities imposed by  militias & called for incitement and hatred asking students to shout the cry “Death to America, Death to Israel” to document them in their media & employment later. When students refused to echo the cry, militia became angry & some of them opened fire on students randomly, M Killing one student.
Houthi’s coupist militias have deprived more than 2.5 million Yemeni children of education as a result of wars waged in various Yemeni provinces, displacing hundreds of thousands of people, closing thousands of schools and turning hundreds of them into military barracks. Yemen: Houthis destroy 1700 schools

UN secretary-general included Houthison his annual “list of shame” for violations against children during civil war.

One-third of Houthi fighters in Yemen are child soldiers.

Since March 2015, UN had documented 1,702 cases of child recruitment. 67% were attributable to Houthi-Saleh forces may not exceed 13 years of age.

 The fighting child in Yemen earns about $ 100 a month in a country where more than half of its population lives below the poverty line.

“Many families send their children to join the Houthi militias in exchange for nearly 50,000 Yemeni riyals, equivalent to US$150 [Dh550]”, Mohammed Askar – Yemeni Minister of Human Rights Mohammed Askar

Yemen: Houthis Send Children Into Battle

(Beirut) – The Houthi armed group in Yemen has intensified its recruitment, training, and deployment of children in violation of international law. Since September 2014, when the Houthis, also known as Ansar Allah, took control of Yemen’s capital, Sanaa, they have increasingly used children as scouts, guards, runners, and fighters, with some children being wounded and killed.

War goes on & its narrative remains. For children, bodies, fire, & sounds are long.

We do not yet know how children returning from fronts will merge with their community.

Professional soldiers returning from war have great difficulties in engaging with their community & integrating them with their families. This dilemma will be double & complex for children; they will return, kill people & blow up other houses, or watch how bodies of their children’s comrades burn.

Even when these children become men, they will transfer their psychological status to their children.

After decades we will have children for child combatants, born to parents who are afraid, suffering from sleep disorders & fantasy, from a sustained fear, & from excessive sensitivity to everything going on around them.

This unstable psychological experience will pass on to their children, which will make  dilemma more complicated is that no one thinks about them. People will talk about reconstruction, & will not refer to successive generations ravaged by this war. There is currently, & perhaps in the future, no medical & psychological infrastructure ready to contain this particular psychological problem.

The war is still at its height, & every day number of children who taste it is increasing. We can say that in future, Houthis will rely on more children to go to war, especially after they have killed their ally Saleh, who for a long time has been running out of stock, which means that this serious dilemma is still in its infancy.

Meet the Children Fighting in Yemen’s Civil War

Child soldiers have become a familiar sight in Yemeni cities. Caught between religious slogans and local concepts of patriotism, more than 2,500 children have left school to serve at different fronts in the country’s civil war.

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