Relaxed US would have a dire effect on the death rate for coronavirus

Relaxed US would have a dire effect on the death rate for coronavirus

Over the weekend, public spaces were flooded with tourists as some states started loosening lockout policies, and experts now caution that easing could push up the country’s coronavirus death toll — by almost double, according to one estimate.

Governors around the country have announced proposals for staggered reopenings over the past two weeks in the face of increasing demand from people and companies who are fearful of catastrophic lockout economic impacts.

But now lightening constraints will come at a heavy price.

“It’s the combination between something that is a really tough decision,” Dr. Anthony Fauci, the leading authority on infectious disease in the world, told CNN on Monday night. “How many deaths and how much pain are you ready to tolerate returning. To what you consider to be a sort of normality, earlier rather than later?” By this coming Sunday at least 42 states will have loosened controls. Ranging from merely opening state parks to enabling certain companies to reopen. This includes California — the first state to enact a sweeping stay-at-home order . Which would encourage certain stores to reopen this week.

The US could now see 134,475 deaths by early August — nearly twice the estimate of 74,000 deaths just last week from a report from the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation at the University of Washington.

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