Congressmen say, Qatar must be subject to sanctions for supporting terrorism

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A group of congressmen (Warren Davidson, R-Miss and R-Ohio, Jack Bergman, R-Kan, Roger Marshall) united against the state of fear in the Middle East “Qatar” that causes panic to the rest of Persian Gulf Emirates.

Roger Marshall, The Kansas congressman said it clear in a meeting titled “Qatar: Strategic Ally or Strategic Threat?” funded by the Middle East Forum that actions of Qatar against peace & stability should not be left without accountability.

“Qatar’s supporting help for fanatics to the United States can’t and won’t go on without serious consequences. Their help for brutality, fear and slaughter raise doubt about the American association” said Roger Marshall in the meeting.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo & President Trump assured that, the more Qatar deals with Iran & rest of terrorist militia like Hamas & Taliban, the tougher course of action from US will be including reconsidering Continuity in operating US airbase in the emirate’s domain.

According to Bergman, a Congressman & three-star Marine general, “Palestinian International Terrorism Support Prevention Act” must be issued to enable US to report Congress on Qatar’s financial funders of Hamas who are responsible for smuggling billions of dollars into Gaza strip for Hamas-drove government.

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