Brazil, a school shooting kills 8 people at least

Brazil, a school shooting kills 8 people at least

On Wednesday, eight people were killed in a shooting occurred at a school located near Sao Paulo.

Two armed suspects wearing hoods had entered School Raul Brasil located in town of Suzano, 70 kilometers east of Sao Paulo before firing at staff & students.

According to local media, 10 people were injured.

Two school officials besides five students were killed in shooting while Six victims died at the scene in addition to two others at a hospital.

SegurançaSP on Twitter

ATUALIZAÇÃO #Suzano: Até o momento, foram registradas 10 mortes e 11 feridos. Foram encaminhados ao IML de Suzano as 8 vítimas da ocorrência. Os 2 atiradores foram encaminhados ao IML de Mogi das Cruzes. Todas as vítimas já foram identificadas. Veja mais ??

Students’ age ranged from 11 to 18.

Suzano police assured that two attackers committed suicide in a corridor after arriving during lunch break at school.

An education coordinator & supervisor were shot first before heading to schoolyard to open fire on students. Gunmen went to linguistic center of the school in which students hid inside a classroom.

Gunmen shot a man working at a car wash before entering the school. The man was sent to hospital to undergo surgery.

“I went to the place and was shocked by what I saw, our solidarity to all”

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