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Bolivia appoints its first ambassador to the US in 11 years

Bolivia picks first US ambassador in 11 years

Bolivia’s interim government has appointed its first ambassador to the United States in 11 years on Tuesday. As the interim government resets the country’s foreign policy after the departure of Evo Morales.

Bolivia picks first US ambassador

The ministry said in a tweet:

Foreign Minister Karen Longaric has appointed Oscar Carat Cuellar. A former permanent representative and Bolivia’s ambassador to the United Nations, as ambassador to Washington.

Diplomatic relations between the United States and Bolivia

It severed in September 2008 by the expulsion of US Ambassador to La Paz Philip Goldberg and Bolivian Ambassador to Washington Gustavo Guzman.

The government of then Bolivian President Evo Morales Goldberg was expelled for allegedly supporting the opposition.

The announcement of the first ambassador to the US

It came less than two weeks after Senator Jenin Anez declared herself interim president after leftist President Morales resigned and went into exile in Mexico

  • After weeks of protests and riots against alleged fraud in Bolivian elections last October.

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