Black hole and star in a terrifying global battle 

Black hole
NASA captures black hole ripping and swallowing star the size of our sun.

NASA showed the world a video of the spectacular and terrifying event at the same time, how the massive black hole destroyed the star, according to the radio “Ohio”.

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A terrifying event

A global battle between a huge black hole and a star

According to the radio “Ohio”

The mass of the black hole is six times that of our Sun.

The hole is located in
  • The constellation Flying Fish, about 375 million light-years from Earth.

TESS Catches its First Star-destroying black hole

Tidal disorder event

According to the newspaper “Science Alert”:

  • What we see happened already 375 million years ago, but the light of what happened to us only now.
  • It occurs every 10,000 years or 100,000 years and requires very special circumstances.
  • So, This event is very rare known as a tidal disorder.
  • Eventually, The star that was swallowed by the hole was roughly the size of our planet.

A Star Orbiting in the Extreme Gravity of a Black Hole Validates General Relativity

  1. The hole absorbs the star when it is very close, but if the star is far away, on the contrary, away from the hole and enter space.
  2. When the star is at an appropriate distance from the black hole.
  3. As well as, It attracted to the hole and rupture.
  4. So the hole absorbs part of the star and releases the torn parts into space.

Ohio astronomy professor Chris Kochanek said:

“Imagine you’re standing over a skyscraper in the city centre, trying to drop the marble from the top, into a hole in a hole, and that’s very difficult.”

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