Concern over attendance was a factor in postponing the Trump rally

Concern over attendance was a factor in postponing the Trump rally

Currently, the coastal town is not supposed to be directly affected by the storm, but a “convenient reason” for the Trump rally team is the decision to reschedule due to poor weather, one outside advisor told NBC News.

“The timing is perfect. The weather may have dissuaded people from attending, but because of the virus, many were not coming to begin with, “this person said.

It all came as expectations for the second attempt by the campaign to reboot the rallies. For the president in 2020 were as low as they ever were.

Concerns about the Trump rally

The campaign agreed not to predict any kind of rally attendance for the now-canceled Saturday event after an underwhelming crowd in Tulsa last month which left President Trump “furious,” according to those close to him. Aides also didn’t talk about any RSVP figures for this Trump rally despite saying tickets for the Oklahoma event were demanded by almost one million people.

He ‘d packed an arena of 11,000 people the last time Trump campaigned in New Hampshire in February. Staffers wouldn’t go anywhere below planned crowd count this time.

During the days leading up to Trump rallies. Aides typically boast of thousands of fans lined up around the site for miles. But this week the same amount of excitement wasn’t commonly shown. Contributing to the nervousness over how many people would eventually turn up. It may also have contributed to the Trump rally’s more distant position. At an airport and spotty conditions.

Thunderstorms are forecast for most of Friday night, through Saturday afternoon. But torrential rain was scheduled to clear by the time the Trump rally was set to start at 8 pm E.T. Still, aides said they had rescheduled from an excess of caution due to passengers. Who could arrive from outside the state. And also vowed to confirm a new date in the weeks to come.

“With a tropical storm imminent, and the possibility of lightning strikes. It may be incredibly risky to have an operation in an aircraft hangar on an airport tarmac”. Tim Murtaugh, head of the campaign communications, told NBC News.

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