After the US freezes WHO support, China is ‘seriously worried’

After the US freezes WHO support, China is 'seriously worried'

China said it was “seriously worried” about the US decision to withdraw World Health Organization support on Wednesday and urged Washington to meet its commitments during the coronavirus crisis.

President Donald Trump also accused the Geneva-based agency on Tuesday of putting political correctness over life-saving initiatives, when he requested funds to suspend the pandemic for “mismanaging.”

“China is deeply worried about the US announcement of the World Health Organization’s cessation of funding,” Chinese Foreign Minister spokesman Zhao Lijian told a daily press conference.

“The latest situation around the worldwide outbreak is bleak. It’s at a very crucial time. A decision by the United States would reduce the potential of the WHO and hinder international collaboration against the epidemic.

China vs US

The US and China have sparring over the deadly virus that was also first identified in China. And killed more than 125,000 people worldwide.

Trump’s current decision also reflects his conviction that the WHO skewed against China, colluding to avoid needing to expose to the ongoing health crisis by the main economic competitor in the US.

“We also advise the United States to uphold its duties and commitments earnestly. And to help the WHO-led international action against the disease,” said Zhao. Adding that the organization is playing a “irreplaceable role” against the pandemic.

According to a central government guideline and electronic notes issued by two Chinese universities. Which have since withdrew from the internet. China has placed limits on the publishing of scientific work on the sources of the novel coronavirus.

Under the new regulation, prior to also submit for publication. All research articles on Covid-19 would be subject to extra scrutiny. Studies on the sources of the virus will be subject to additional examination. And have to authorize by officials of the central government, according to the articles now went away.

A Hong Kong medical specialist who partnered with mainland colleagues. To conduct a scientific review of Covid-19 cases in an international medical journal. He said his study doesn’t subject to such a screening in February.

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