An undeclared alliance between Turkey and Libya

Turkey and Libya
intensive activity between ( Turkey and Libya )

 The presence of intensive activity between ( Turkey and Libya ) the two countries is likely to continue activity and may increase in the short term.

Here are some of the signs and indicators that prove what is alleged:

Heavy strategic cranes carried out multiple flights between Ankara-Essenboga International Airport and Metega International Airport in Libya to deliver unmanned aerial vehicles.

Confirmed by the routes of flights with the origin and destination (potential) and the confirmed presence of the IL76 – in Misrata.

It indicates the existence of intensive activity between the two countries.

A new European intelligence report on the Turkish intention to extradite the Al-Serraj government in Tripoli revealed a new batch of drone aircraft in a new violation of international resolutions on the arms embargo on Libya.


The sky traced the flight Avia Trans KTR7220, from 03.07 to 06.07 between Turkey and Libya.

Where the company is located with its fleet of cargo at the Krivoy Rih International Airport in Kiev.
 (See Figure 1).

The path:

Ukraine, Turkey and Libya correspond to an asset to carry out an air freight service


The IL76 aircraft would transport from Ukraine to Turkey to load the cargo and Misrata to be delivered.

An alliance for the infiltration of weapons in the hidden but these terrible acts discovered.

The origin:

  • The Turkish Aviation Industry Company (TAI) has several facilities and airports in northwest Ankara.
  • It reported that the IL76 plane would have left the Ankara-Essenboga International Airport to Libya.
  • The use of the international station may be linked.


 The images confirmed the presence of IL-76 at Misurata Airport

Identification :

 (IFF) is a radar-based identification system.

– interrogation systems for aircraft control –

A transponder is used to :

listen to an interrogation signal and then sends a response consisting of a unique signal that identifies the announcer.

 Military and civilian air surveillance systems have been able to identify aircraft, vehicles or forces as friendly and to determine the extent of their carrying and the extent of their investigation.


Extra “drones” delivered to Turkish military equipment by the Turkish National Army.

The activity between the two countries will continue and may increase intensively in the future.

Therefore, the necessary measures must be taken to limit this cooperation which may lead to the elimination of innocent people.

Which indicates that all the UAE is innocent from all the charges against them.

This proves that the allegations that have spread recently that the UAE is supplying Libya with weapons is a false claim

There are many signs that the UAE has not been involved in destabilizing Libya or supplying weapons.

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