Abu Dhabi enters “Guinness” from the heart of London

Abu Dhabi
The screen was shown in Piccadilly London.

The Department of Culture and Tourism – Abu Dhabi announced that the campaign organized to promote the Emirati capital as a global tourist destination for holidays. Which broke the record of the Guinness World Records, by using the largest display of integrated reality technology ever. In the famous Piccadilly Square in the British capital London.

Abu Dhabi enters “Guinness” from the heart of London

The marketing campaign in the heart of London

The marketing campaign used the famous 40-foot billboard known as the Piccadilly Lights in the heart of the British capital, London.

Which transformed the screen into an interactive experience using the technology of integrated reality to display the most prominent and famous tourist attractions in Abu Dhabi.

Abu Dhabi vision

Ali Hassan Al Shaibah said:

The Acting Executive Director of the Tourism and Marketing Sector in the Department.

  • When setting our vision for this advertising campaign, we were sure that we wanted more than just a traditional display of Abu Dhabi’s. which is the most prominent landmarks in one of the most famous areas of the British capital.
  • So we were looking forward to a pioneering interactive experience in which to break the Guinness World Record for the largest display using integrated reality technology.
  • He pointed out that the Piccadilly Spotlight screen continued to display the emirate’s most prominent features in an innovative way until the eighth of December.

3D Reality Technology

In addition to breaking the record, the built-in augmented reality screen is designed to give pedestrians an interactive experience.

A high-tech group camera

According to Al Shaiba, who added:

  • Visitors photographed by a high-tech group camera
  • Which used for the first time specifically for this campaign.
  • Near the fountain in the field.
Abu Dhabi’s important tourist attractions

As they transport them to some of Abu Dhabi’s most important tourist attractions, including family destinations.

Such as:
  1. Ferrari World Abu Dhabi
  2. life The wilderness on Sir Bani Yas Island
  3. Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque
  4. As these landmarks were brought to the British capital using the integrated.

3D Reality Technology.

Al-Shaiba continued:

  • In the meantime, the weather is usually cold in London and ideally moderate in Abu Dhabi.
  • So, we looked through this campaign to motivate visitors to enjoy the sunny weather appropriate to the recreational activities in the emirate.
  • Also during this interactive experience, which presented for 10 minutes every hour for two weeks.
  • The opportunity to win a trip to Abu Dhabi in partnership with “Etihad Holidays”. which given when passers-by took a selfie while enjoying the integrated reality experience.
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