A telephone conversation after the start of the study to isolate the US president

isolate the US president
The conversation between Trump and Zelensky.

Washington publishes the contents of a telephone conversation between Trump and Zelinsky after the start of the study to isolate the US president.

The study to isolate the US president

The US Department of Justice has published the contents of a telephone conversation between

  • US President Donald Trump
  • Ukrainian counterpart Vladimir Zilinsky

Which triggered the study of the dismissal of the White Housemaster. The telephone conversation between the two presidents, conducted on July 25, 2019, indicated that Trump had asked Zele

nsky to look into the case of Hunter Biden, son of former US Vice President Joe Biden, but did not link the issue with the issue of US assistance to Ukraine.

The telephone conversation between the two presidents

Trump told Zelinsky, according to the transcript of the call. Which was drafted based on the recordings of White House staff present during the call. That the study of the Ukrainian president Biden and his son would be excellent.

“ There is intense talk about Biden’s son, that Biden has stopped prosecution (in Ukraine), and many people want to uncover the truth, and if you can do anything in this context in cooperation with the attorney general, ” the transcript quoted Trump as saying. American William Barr) That would be excellent. ”

Trump said:

“Biden boasted that he had stopped the prosecution, and if this could be considered (a vacuum in the text) … that sounds terrible to me.”

Zielinski said:

“I understand that and I am aware of it.”

“It is 100% certain that the next attorney general. where we have won an overwhelming majority of seats in parliament will be someone and my candidate. He or she will look into this situation, especially in the company that I talked about in the course of the case. ”

Zelinsky added: “The question of the investigation, in this case, is really a matter of restoring justice, and for this reason, we will deal with it and work to investigate this case.”

The conversation between Trump and Zelensky

The conversation sparked a stir in the United States after local media reported that:

The US president was trying to push his Ukrainian counterpart in order to

  1. launch an investigation against Hunter Biden
  2. Threatened to withhold aid from Washington to Kiev

While Biden Sr. is seen as a key contender for Mr. The current White House in the next presidential election in 2020.

Democrats in the US Congress

Led by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, took advantage of the scandal to launch a process to examine the possibility of isolating Trump. Who belongs to the Republican Party.


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