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A man assaults two McDonald employees for a straw


In Florida McDonald’s an employee was pulled over the counter by a customer on Nee Year’s Eve. Yasmine James, a 20 year old employee was grabbed by her shirt by 40 year old customer, Daniel Taylor. Yasmine responded by punching the customer several times in the face. A witness at the restaurant posted the video on Facebook and stated that the fight occurred when the customer had asked for a straw, but the reason he got angry isn’t clear. Yasmine has delivered multiple attacks to James’s face as he resisted and she was pulled back by a couple of employees.

After the attack, the suspect points his finger at the worker demanded “I want her ass fired right now,”

“You’re fixing to go to jail,” the employee responds.

The suspect Taylor continued to scream at workers and as he was being escorted out of McDonalds he kicked another employee in the stomach who was standing near the door in the stomach.

Taylor was identified by police when an unarmed robbery was reported from a Shell station some time later. And when officers arrived, they recognized Taylor from the video and arrested him.

Taylor has been charged with two counts of battery for assaulting Yasmine and kicking the other employee.

Taylor is being represented by the public defender’s office, which didn’t respond to a request for comment.

“Our highest priority is always the safety and well-being of our employees and customers at our restaurants. We have been in contact with the police department and are fully cooperating with their investigation,” McDonald’s said in a statement.

Source: CBS affiliate

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