A heroine in surfing despite devouring the shark to her arm!!

Surfer girl, 23, gets engaged ten years after losing arm after a shark attack

In 2003, when the surfer Bethany Hamilton, a Hawaiian islander, was only 13, lost her arm in a shark attack while she was surfing. After losing about two-thirds of her blood, her life and her future in surfing are not guaranteed.

A heroine in surfing despite devouring the shark to her arm

But Hamilton is not. Her mentality played a big part in her journey to the top of surfing. When the unexpected emotion, the unrelenting flexibility and the desire to achieve lifelong goals combine.

The impossible seems more rewarding. This gave her a positive approach and a unique view of life after the attack. Hamilton’s faith has proved crucial in her return to sport and set an example for others to overcome life’s obstacles.

Only 26 days after the attack, she miraculously managed to return to the sport she loved, and two years later she was a national hero.

“When hard times come, I certainly rely on my faith in God,” Hamilton told CNN World Sport from Kauai.

“I kept saying, ‘God, I don’t know why I lost my arms but I trust you.
“Looking back, I see all the beauty and goodness that came from losing my arms. I will not change life to what I think it should be, but just embrace life as it is.”

The National Surfing Association Championship

The Fiji Women’s Championship

She won the National Surfing Association Championship for the 18 and under age group in 2005 and achieved her first world championship in 2009. with her best result in 2016 when she beat the six-time world champion, Stephanie Gilmore. The world champion at the time, in the Fiji Women’s Championship.

Her unique journey and positive outlook inspired people all over the world and is now reflected in a documentary entitled Bethany Hamilton: Unstoppable.

Hamilton’s fascinating journey

The film presents Hamilton’s fascinating journey and highlights her triumphs over every obstacle she faces in life, from surfing with one arm to raising her children.

She is keen to encourage others to live in an unstoppable life and says she is proud to set an example.

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