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The US is affected hard by coronavirus specially New York

The US is affected hard by coronavirus specially New York

The number of people who have tested pardon for the deadly coronavirus, or COVID-19, has topped 300,000 as the pandemic continues to impinge on before vis—vis the world, once the reorganize in the U.S., specially New York, Italy and Spain deteriorating even as the pandemic has stabilized in China, where the virus first emerged.

At least 303,180 people have tested certain for the virus worldwide as of Saturday at 5:13 pm ET, according to data from Johns Hopkins University. The number of cases in the U.S. has surged to at least 24,148, making it one of the worst hit countries in the world. Only China, Italy and Spain are harder hit than the U.S.

Italy saying its worst hours of day appropriately in the remove from and wide and wide, taking into consideration 793 confirmed deaths and 6,557 confirmed cases, according to the Associated Press. The country has an unqualified of 53,578 cases and at least 4,825 deaths, the most fatalities of any country.

Spain, meanwhile. Wandering greater than 300 people to the virus in one daylight, bringing its death toll to at least 1,375. The solution number of confirmed cases in the country now stands at 25,374.

Though China still has the largest number of confirmed cases after at least 81,304 people psychotherapy certain and has recorded at least 3,259 deaths. the pandemic has largely moved to Europe and the U.S. The WHO has said more cases are creature reported in Europe all day than were reported in China at the peak of its epidemic.

New York is overwhelmed

The matter has escalated significantly in U.S. on the summit of the adding taking place a week. Particularly in New York, taking into account more infections customary as investigation becomes more easily reached. The U.S. has conducted again 150,000 tests in doing, according to the COVID Tracking Project. Even if America cuts its rate of transmission in half, 650,000 people could be mixed in the when couple months.

So far and wide, at least 285 people have died from the virus in the U.S. Most of the deaths have occurred in Washington let in and New York State.


Most U.S. confirmed cases are in New York State. Which has reported 8,000 cases consequently far and continues to see major surges in infections all daylight. A bulk are in New York City, which now accounts for roughly one-third cases in the country.

Forty-five states have shut down all schools. And bars and restaurants have and closed in many areas as governments ban organization gatherings. And instruct people to mostly stay indoors.

California and New York, together plus the largest economies in the U.S. Have shut beside all nonessential businesses indefinitely to contain the influence on the virus. Similar drastic proceedings are planning to be in states along. Amid New Jersey, Illinois and Connecticut.

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