Nelson Mandela’s life size statue unveiled at the Nelson Mandela Peace Summit in United Nations

Nelson Mandela’s life size statue unveiled at the Nelson Mandela Peace Summit in United Nations

At the 73rd United Nations General Assembly this year the current South African president along with Antonio Guterres, the UN Secretary General had unveiled a life size statue of Nelson Mandela at the United Nations headquarters on Monday before the start of the Nelson Mandela Peace Summit.

The body declared 2019-2028 as the “Nelson Mandela Decade of Peace” and issued a political declaration to promote disarmament. Cyril Ramaphosa was chose as political heir by Nelson Mandela at the General Assembly told the gathering of world leaders that Nelson Mandela had questioned why nuclear weapons haven’t been abolished yet ?.

“The truth is there can be no justification for the existence of weapons that carry with them the potential to extinguish life on this planet, We hope the summit will give expression to the Secretary-General’s call for a “surge in diplomacy” Ramaphosa said.

At Monday’s peace summit the declaration adopted key traits of Mr. Mandela’s personality, ” Humility, forgiveness and compassion” were added to the UN’s goals including human rights, disarmament and alleviating poverty.

“I believe the legacy of Nelson Mandela points to a deeper truth. A voice may be silenced by death, but its message can never be suppressed. It is heard for all time. And it finds a home in the hearts and the minds and the values of those who follow afterwards” Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar said. Monday’s declaration also warned of ” challenges to the primacy of multilateralism”.

Next year the “Nelson Mandela Decade of Peace” will resume and seeks world leaders to “redouble efforts to pursue international peace and security, development and human rights” the declaration’s signatories recognise “that the world has changed significantly since the founding of the United Nations, and acknowledge that global peace eludes us to this day,” it said. Adding a note of ambition and idealism, the declaration adds “we must make the impossible possible”.