Mysterious light appears across the California sky

Mysterious light appears across the California sky

There was a mysterious light spotted in the sky that was seen from many spots in California.

NORAD tells NBC affiliate, KNTV, that it is investigating the reports of the light. It says there is no threat to the United States or Canada at this time. Most speculate that the light was a meteor or space junk.

Reports also state that the light was seen in the Bay Area, the Monterey Bay area, and even parts of Nevada.

The first sightings of the light surfaced around 5:30 p.m., minutes before a Delta IV rocket was supposed to launch out of Vandenberg Air Force Base. However, the launch was scrubbed and the base says nothing was launched from its location.

The National Weather Service in Reno posted a time-lapse video showing the light popping up in the sky.