Missing Michael Jackson – Tribute

Missing Michael Jackson – Tribute

The King of pop left us dancing to his tunes while he flies in Never-land. Born to a family of singers his hard work, dedication, passion and charisma won the hearts of fans all over the world.

His top charting heart popping hits will never leave our side, he was a gem of a person and his dance moves were influenced by many likewise pop and rock star legends before him but he made it special with his personality, looks and his exemplary glittering ensembles were to die for.

The King lives and we sorted through his best hits and best moves :

His zombification scared and paralyzed the senses of evil in the song “Thriller”

Whose Bad ? – The song ‘Bad’ was a single from his seventh album Bad and released five years after the thrilling Thriller. The album was well received by critics and stayed number on 1 on many charts all around the world.

Those who danced to Bad also can’t forget ‘Beat It’


Michael featured in movies that spanned through his best concert performances and spent extra effort and dedication as he performed his dances moves with Sci-fi effects. It was in all sense out of the world.

  1. Captain EO a science fiction film starred Michael Jackson and was directed by famous director Ford Coppola and produced by none other than George Lucas – If you are a Star Wars fan you can see the influence in this film too.
    Captain EO poster.jpg Image result for captain eo
  2. Moonwalker – This film was an anthology of all his famous music videos shot for his album ‘BAD’. His fans enjoyed his moonwalk performance in many artistic styles over the course of the film
    Image result for smooth criminal gifsImage result for Moonwalker movie gifs
  3. Michael Jackson Ghosts – If you were scared of thriller then ‘Ghosts’ is not for the faint hearted. The Musical magical Maestro played by Michael Jackson has a dance off with his Ghosts and entertains parents and kids alike on screen.
    Image result for Michael Jackson's Ghosts gif  Image result for Michael Jackson's Ghosts gif