Liverpool to top the EPL table this Christmas

Liverpool to top the EPL table this Christmas

Mohamed Salah and Virgil van Dijk scored a goal each at Wolverhampton on Friday guaranteeing Liverpool the top spot in the English Premier League table on Christmas.
At the start of the match Wolves were going strong continued to build pressure on Liverpool but it was Salah’s  goal (also his 11th of the season) which turned the tables and subdued his opponents.

The home team finally lost its resistance with 22 minutes remaining as Van Dijk sealed the match, striking a superb goal that secured his team’s position at the top of the table. With this victory Liverpool passed another stringent test of the Premier League title with 48 points.

Liverpool’s Manager Jurgen Klopp describing the proud moment said: “The first goal was brilliant, it was cool. And the second goal – yes, well done. I’m completely happy with the result and it is big for us…We will be training on Christmas morning so it is like every other day. It is an outstanding number (of points), it is absolutely cool.”

Liverpool made a nervous start but things started to go in their favour in next 18 minutes of the match with Salah’s impressively taken goal made along with Sadio Mane and Robert Firmino in attack.
Later Wolves rose again with its strong attack, seeking an equaliser. To Liverpool’s credit Van Dijk was in his best form and putting a brilliant defence against its opponent’s attacking threat, silencing the dangerous frontline.

At the start of the year Liverpool struggled to match up with the attacking style of Manchester City whom they would face on January 3. They bought Virgil Van Dijk to build better defence against their opponents, making them serious contenders for the Premier League title. If they win, it would be their first title in more than two decades.