Iran’s President has no plans to meet President Trump at the UN Security Council meeting

Iran’s President has no plans to meet President Trump at the UN Security Council meeting

U.S President Donald Trump had earlier said that he will chair the UN Security Council to discuss about Iran. Both Donald Trump and Iran’s President chaired separate events at UN General Assembly in New York on Tuesday but Hassan Rouhani in a statement to reporters has said that he has no plants to meet with President Trump, he added that conditions were not ripe for talks and said the U.S. has made threats against his country.

Trump tweeted “despite requests,” he did not foresee the meeting taking place, even though Iran and its nuclear program will be the central issue for Trump when he chairs a high-profile meeting of the U.N. Security Council on Wednesday.

President Trump also tweeted “Maybe someday in the future, I am sure he is an absolutely lovely man!”

Analysts argue that the reason President Rouhani’s is not interested to meet with President Trump because U.S. broke with allies by pulling out of the Iran nuclear agreement or cause it might not appeal to hardliners back home. Hassan Rouhani could also be uninterested because under the nuclear agreement tough economic sanctions were lifted and now Trump has reimposed them with more stringent penalties, that are most likely to take effect in November.

“The United States is not capable of bringing our oil exports to zero,” Rouhani said. “It’s a threat that is empty of credibility. Perhaps on this path, we will sustain certain pressures but certainly the United States will not reach its objective.”

France and other EU signatories have sought to retain the deal though they fear that staying on the deal might affect their relationship with United States.